New Mexico mini-vacation

22 Jul
GP and I are, unfortunately, spending the summer in two different states. Here’s how it works: GP has an internship in New Mexico and has spent the summer working and living with his parents and younger sister. I have spent the summer unemployed and living with my Mom in Texas. So, Thursday I packed up my little car and drove 10.5 hours to go spend a few days with my husband! Now just another 3 weeks apart and we’ll be moving to Louisiana!

GP grew up in northern New Mexico surrounded by mountains and mesas, something my Great Plains accustomed mind has a hard time grasping as every day scenery. Mountains are really beautiful and I can fully understand and appreciate why they have so often been termed majestic. Since we are here during the summer, instead of the winter as we usually are, GP and I took advantage of several of the hiking trails around here, and visited a valley made by the long-ago collapse of several erupting volcanos. Below are some pictures from our adventure. Click on any picture to see it much larger and in much better resolution.
First view of the caldera surrounded by mountains.
The other side of the caldera.
The information sign. I’m sure you can read it if you click to embiggen.

View from up on a trail.

The trail we followed. The elevation got me winded pretty easy, but I survived!

A grove of aspen.



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