Real Barbeque, at last

19 Jul

Let’s talk barbeque. As you all know, I grew up in Texas where barbeque is a way of life and a glorious thing to behold. Here in TX slow smoked beef brisket with a thick sweet sauce reigns supreme. Of course, we also enjoy the BBQ’d chicken and sausage along with the sides of coleslaw, potato salad, and beans.

GP and I went to college in Abilene, TX, where the pinnacle of Barbeque is Joe Allen’s. If you ever find yourself hungry in Abilene, go to South 14th street and order a brisket plate. Make sure to get yourself some of the freshly baked bread while you’re at it. I could almost make a day trip into Abilene (a 2 hour drive from where I’m at now) just to eat some of that brisket.

Everytime I came home to visit from North Carolina, I’d want to get some “real” barbeque, as I consider it. Don’t get me wrong, NC does have barbeque, but it just isn’t the same. At all. For starters, it’s all pulled pork in NC. Then there’s the fact that NC is a state divided when it comes to how bbq should be made. We lived in the western part of the state, where Lexington style barbeque was the main event, and honestly, it’s good. The sauce is a watery, vinegar based job that is both sour from the vinegar and sweet from all the spices in it. They too serve their bbq with potato salad and coleslaw, but the slaw is always soaked in bbq sauce, which I find strange. Now, while I do like the Lexington bbq, be warned! If you ever stop in NC and order a barbeque sandwich, it’ll come with slaw piled on top. After about the 4th time this happened, I finally cottoned on to the fact that you need to order your sandwich without slaw. Strange, but true.

Back to the story at hand. Mom and I had spent a day wandering around the small towns of North Texas (I think we had taken a trip to the WalMart a couple of towns over ~ about a 20 minute drive) when Brother called to see if we wanted to meet them for dinner. Now, the town closest to where we live has about 4 restaurants: a Mexican place, a pizza place, a Chinese place that also sells donuts (which we call simply the Chinese Donut place) and a barbeque joint. We went for the barbeque.

It was delicious.

So. While I am a great connoisseur of barbeque, I have never cooked it myself. If you have a special recipe for brisket (without a smoker!) bbq sauce, potato salad, slaw, or anything else that you would make for a cookout at your neighbors, please leave it in the comments. Or just leave a mouth-watering description of what the bbq is like in your neck of the woods and tell me where the best place to get some is. You know, in case I ever wind up craving bbq in Canada or Minnesota. Hey, you never know when hunger will strike!



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