Water water everywhere

15 Jul

The past week has been very busy. I went to Six Flags with some friends last Tuesday and had an awesomely hot time (it was 103 or so outside that day) but no pictures to share. Friday was spent hanging out at the lake house with my brother’s family.

We kayaked. First, I did some solo kayaking, but once the kids arrived, they wanted me to take them out too. Let me tell you, it’s hard to paddle straight when you’ve got two little children squirming all over the inflatable kayak and trying to touch the water. It’s all compounded by the fact that I had never even kayaked before, so we wound up spinning in quite a few circles. My nephew kept asking me why we were going in circles, and I’m think he was getting annoyed by it, but there wasn’t really much I could do about it.

We did a little tubing, and I tubed with my nephew for about 2 minutes until he wanted to stop. Then we big kids did a little wakeboarding. Now, it’s been about 5 years since I last wakeboarded, so I was pretty amazed just to be getting out of the water. It could have been a fabulous disaster involving dislocated shoulders and whatnot, but the only injury I suffered was snorting lake water up my nose. Which hurts. Bad.

After about 5 minutes of wakeboarding my legs, left leg in particular, were turning to jelly so I had to call it quits. Big wake up call about how out of shape I am currently.

Finally, at the very end of the day when we were heading back to the house and calling it a day, the inevitable happened. The boat ran out of gas. That means that Brother, SIL, and I had to jump out and pull the boat back to shore, also known as “swimming the boat in.” SIL pointed out that it wouldn’t be a proper summer at our place if the boat didn’t have to be swum in at least once. She has a point.

Anyway, as the kids sat in the boat and laughed at us, we and our jelly legs did our best to pull on the boat but managed to spend more time laughing than swimming. Not that our swimming was really helping. I’m fairly certain the boat mostly drifted in to the shallow part of the lake on it’s own, and only once we were able to touch bottom and walk did our pulling have any real consequence.

After a great day hanging out with the family, I was able to experience one of my favorite things: a sunset over the water. I doesn’t really matter what body of water it is, a sunset on water will always be beautiful. I took this picture on the Fourth of July, but enjoyed Friday’s sunset just as much.



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