Moving and stuff

7 Jul
First off, a big thanks to everyone for the congrats! I’m so glad to be done at last!

Well, time has certainly flown by! Funny how that happens when you’re busy packing, moving, and getting settled in a (sort of) new place. All the while making the final corrections to your thesis and relying on dial-up internet. Of course, I can make the trip into town to use the high speed wifi at the public library, but I am nothing if not lazy, so a trip into town doesn’t happen every day.

We managed to pack everything from our apartment into a POD. It was a tight squeeze, but we managed. Then, we had a cookout at someone else house to say thanks to everyone who came and helped pack and to get in one last goodbye with our friends in North Carolina.

A few days later, after taking care of some final things at the school, Mom and I loaded up my car with the rest of our stuff and the two cats and headed back to Texas! Fortunately, Soup and Stuart are really great passengers. They spent the entire trip perched atop our mounds of junk watching the scenery and sleeping. Well, most of the trip anyway. Soup acted strangely like a dog and kept trying to climb into the front seat. Stuart and his huge head are on the left, Soup is on the right. Strange names for cats, I know. There are stories behind both of those names.

But we made it back safe and sound! Now I’m working on relaxing, reading, and doing some good knitting. I’ve got a lot of projects to keep me busy this summer, and I’m looking forward to finishing some up and starting on others.

I’ll be taking fairly regular trips into town to use the internet, so you might start seeing me comment on your blog more regularly. Today, though, I have about 100+ unread posts in my Google reader. This is going to take some time.



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