21 May
It’s almost like there’s a countdown clock in the back of my head. Right now it’s saying “T minus 5 weeks to graduation.” Yup, 5 more weeks of school and I am done. Finished. No. Longer. A. Student. 
Naturally, the first project I’ve been making progress on is the dissertation. I won’t bore you with details, because they pretty much bore me at this point. Instead, here’s a picture of my work station, also known as the dining room table.
It got so bad I actually had to clean it off so I could focus and be more productive. Now the piles of papers are taking up room on the empty bookshelf (GP already packed up all the books for moving). 
Project number 2. Hey, remember how I like to knit? Yeah, I remembered too, and I’ve been doing some of it! I really forgot what a great stress reliever it is, and I’ve been taking breaks to knit a row or two before I start working on writing a new section. It’s been going pretty well, because I have finally finished the body of the stole I’ve been knitting since the dawn of time. It’s been so long since I blogged about it that I can’t even remember the name of the pattern.
Ah, I remembered, sort of. It’s the Victoria shawl with something or other border. I’m glad to finally be done with the body, because the border really is the reason I started knitting it in the first place. 
Alright, enough procrastination. Back to work.


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