9 May

I’m bored. Bored bored bored. I’m sitting at Bruegger’s Bagels, downing coffee and writing the background section of my dissertation. Let me tell you, after a few days it gets really dull and full sentences are excruciating to put together. However, I will persevere! 

So, here’s my schedule for the next 3 1/2 weeks until I have to turn this beast of a document in on June 4th. Today and tomorrow: finish the background (currently 26 pages – I imagine it’ll round out at about 32). Next week: finish data collection and finish writing the results section. Week after: finish writing the discussion. Week after that: turn it in, puke from nerves, eat a ton of Tums, and drink a lot of rum. Then, defend it on June 25th, and move back to Texas for the month of July. Sound like a plan? I think so.
What else is going on these days? Well, I have a job interview! 
GP, in his extreme nerdiness that is rivaled only by my own, applied to graduate school for physics-related stuff. He got accepted to several programs, and finally decided to accept a position at a school in Louisiana! Yay, GP! Way to be a nerd! Naturally, because we’d prefer not to have to live in different time zones again, I applied for jobs in the area near where he’ll be at school. My top choice employer emailed me back the same day, and I’ll be interviewing with her this coming Friday. I’m very excited and feel like a real adult going for a real job interview. And the best part? No. More. School! While we’re down there, GP and I will be looking for places to live for the 3 years we’ll be in Louisiana.
I’m happy to be moving on to the next stage in my life, and excited about moving to Louisiana. Although I consider myself a Southerner being from Texas, I’m not really from the South, more the Southwest. When I moved to North Carolina 5 years ago, I was struck by how different the culture and history is from that of Texas. I mean, I knew that NC and TX were colonized by completely different countries, that NC has been a part of the USA since the Revolution, and that TX gained its independance from Mexico as a completely independant country that later joined the USA. But I never understood how those differences influenced the mindset and culture of a state until I left Texas. It actually explained a lot about the mindset of Texans. But I digress.
Depite the fact that Texas and Louisiana are neighbors, I am well aware of the cultural differences between the two states (hello, Louisiana Purchase and French influences!). It will be fun to learn more about the Cajun culture and to find some new recipes to share with ya’ll. Also, I’ll be really glad to move back to oak tree country and get out of pine country, which drives my allergies crazy!
So keep your fingers crossed that dissertation writing goes smoothly and that I do well on this interview. I’ll keep you updated with little blurbs like this as time goes by. Maybe I’ll even have some other news to share with you, like the fact that I have a new neice! My brother and his wife welcomed their newest baby on Thursday morning (I think it was Thursday, all the days run together for me). She’s their 3rd, and I can’t wait to meet her!


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