Goodbye and Hello

30 Apr

Tomorrow, I say goodbye to one who has been a constant companion to me for the past nine years. My Jeep.

Jeepy, as I affectionately call him, has been with me since I was 19 years old. He has taken me from Dallas to Amarillo, from Abilene to Austin, and from Texas all the way to North Carolina. I always knew that the end of my academic career would mean the end of my relationship with Jeepy (my longest relationship to date!) but it’s still a sad day. I am comforted in knowing that Jeepy will be the first car of a 16 year old girl, whose dad is buying it for her tomorrow.

So long, good friend! Best wishes with your new gal!

And a big welcome to my new vehicle!

I really needed something with better fuel efficiency (18 mpg on a good day just isn’t feasible anymore) and I wanted a sportier look. So today I got the car I had decided on. A new Mazda 3 hatchback. I love it. Love it love it love it. This is the first new car I’ve ever had. Only 39 miles on the odometer! Crazy.

If you look, you can see Jeepy looking all forlorn in the background of the pictures. So sad!

Anyone have a good suggestion on a name for my new ride? My first car was Lucy the Lumina, followed by Bruce the white Jeep, then Jeepy who sometimes went by Big Red. This car is definitely a girl, and needs a good name.

And Mom, you’re going to enjoy driving this back to Texas with me in June. Because I’m graduating June 25th!


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