Things that go on your head

2 Mar
Let’s talk about a couple of things here – hats and hair. I have some of one and a lot of the other.

Back in my younger days (like, 1995-1997 when the grunge era was at the height of coolness, I first discovered punk rock and Pearl Jam, and I first realized I was not going to fit in with all the cool kids in school) I wore a lot of hats. And they looked good on me. I’ve never been one to really follow trends or put a lot of effort into my daily sartorial choices, but I have always been able to pull off strange outfits. Especially ones that rely heavily on accessories. I’m not sure why this is. It may be the height (I’m 5’7″). It may be the hair. It may be that I’m not horribly self concious and therefore carry myself with pride even if I’m wearing something strange. At any rate, I can pull off hats with flair.

Of all the fashion trends going around now, the floppy beret look is one I can actually get on board with. So I made this one, and love it! In fact, I love it so much that I pretty much immediately made another beret:

I crocheted this one up in about 2 hours when I should have been working on school related things. Nothing like procrastination to bring out a fast crochet project!
Then, at the Christmas party this year, I came away with the yarn and pattern to make a felted bucket hat. It knit up really quickly, in just one or two evenings, and a couple of weeks later I managed to finally felt it in the washing machine. I’ve worn it around the house, trying to decide whether I really like it or not, but haven’t really gotten any good feelings about it.

A couple of weeks ago it was raining, and I took this as a great time to wear the new hat out, since I couldn’t find my umbrella. As I was making the half mile trek from the parking lot to the hospital, I noticed people at the bus stop looking at me. Maybe I only noticed because I was feeling self conscious, or maybe they were staring extra hard. I thought over what I was wearing: blue striped khaki pants, a purple jacket (seen in the pics here), chartreuse hobo gloves, and the hat. Oh my lord, did I look stupid? Was my whole outfit just too crazy to be worn out in public? Have I lost my ability to wear whatever I want? Am I too old to wear funky hats and chartreuse hobo mitts and striped pants and whatever else I wear on a daily basis? Are people always looking at me like this and I just never noticed?!?!

I took the hat off as soon as I got inside.

The sky was spitting when I left work later that evening, so I pulled the hat back on. When I got to the car, I looked at my reflection in the window, trying to gauge just how stupid the hat looked. That’s when I figured it out.

It wasn’t necessarily the hat that looked dumb (although I still haven’t made up my mind about that). It wasn’t even the whole outfit, really. It was The Hair. I have a lot of hair, as you can see.  The Hair was inside my jacket and, as it always does, had started to kind of puff out of the collar. Usually this just makes me look like I have a strange bob, but not with the hat on. With the hat on top of The Hair, I looked like a female version of Slash. Well. No wonder people were looking at me strangely. I would’ve looked at me strangely too.


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