5 Star

18 Feb

I just added a whole lot of new music to my computer in the last couple of weeks, and I’ve developed a totally new obsession with iTunes and my iPod. Of course, I have already knit my iPod a little cozy/sock thing, so you know I’ve got a problem. Admit it, you’ve knit one for your iPod, too! (I’m looking at you, Melinda.)

Oh, so my new obsession! The single greatest feature of iTunes is that you can rate the music. You can rate each song individually on a 1-5 stars scale. You can also rate entire albums or entire artist collections, but on a per song basis is so much better. iTunes will calculate out the average rating for an album based on your song ratings. It’s wonderful and I love it and find myself rating every song I hear, if only in my head. 
So, for your entertainment value, I’m giving you some random information about my iTunes library, or at least the library on my laptop. We have way more music on our desktop computer; I only put my favorite stuff on the laptop. 
Please please please leave me a comment telling me your favorite band, or who takes up the most memory on your computer, or why you love/hate iTunes, or just what you’re doing instead of working right now (which is not at all what I’m doing at 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon. Of course I’m working. Stop looking at me that way).
Screen grab of my iTunes library. It won’t all fit in one frame.

Total artists: 85
Total albums: 229
Total songs: 2941 songs, 7.2 days worth of non-stop music
Most songs and albums by a single artist: 
Green Day – 12 albums, 158 songs
Rancid – 7 albums, 122 songs
The Offspring – 8 albums, 100 songs
Genre with most albums:
Punk – 78 ablums
Alternative – 46
Rock – 31
Indie – 29
Genre with least albums:
Soul and Emo are tied with 1 album each
Soul – Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama
Emo – Jimmy Eat World
Genre with most artists:
That’d be punk, again, with alternative a close second. I’m not even gonna look that up. 
Artist with most 5 star songs:
The Beatles, if I had the whole collection on here. I haven’t rated my entire library yet, but right now the winners are:
Kings of Leon – 23 songs 
Coldplay, Jason Mraz – 9 songs each
Jamie Cullum, The New Pornographers – 8 songs each
Counting Crows – 7 songs
U2 – 6 songs
Aqualung, Angels & Airwaves, Dear & the Headlights – all have 5 songs
Artist with highest 5 star percentage:
Kings of Leon – 23 songs from 3 albums. What? I love those guys and they make great music!


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