Well. Alright.

10 Feb

Today is promising to be an interesting one. Here’s a list of the reasons why.

1. It’s February and I am wearing a tank top and flip flops. It feels like spring, but it’ll probably make it’s way back down to freezing in a few days.
2. Wearing such clothing might not have been the best idea, since I have to spend most of today working in the cold room (read – walk in freezer). My toes may freeze off, and a lab coat doesn’t actually provide much warmth. Also, I maybe should have taken the time to dry my hair instead of leaving it wet.
3. Apparently I accidentally texted someone this morning. At least she’s my friend, and she called to check and make sure everything was okay. The text made no sense, something like “q2wk2” or other babble.
4. I also called some random phone number. I looked down, and my phone was calling someone. I hope it wasn’t a real number, and I hope it didn’t wake anyone up.
5. I spilled coffee all over myself. This in itself isn’t that unusual, but I did manage to spill a record amount today. Really, if there was an olympic event for accidental coffee spillage, I would win hands down. It’s like my one great skill.
6. I forgot to put on deoderant. I guess it’s a good thing I’ll be spending the day in the cold room and not the warm room.


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