Tennis, Dinner, and a Movie

31 Jan
Yesterday, after a spectacularly crappy week of work, I took of early in the afternoon and joined GP in watching the semifinals of the Australian Open (Nadal v Verdasco). This was interesting. See, GP and I, in the name of frugality, cancelled our cable and didn’t have access to ESPN, where the match was being played. Fortunately for us, our friend L offered us his place to watch the matches. Kinda strange, watching TV in someone else’s house, but he was more than happy to have us there. 
For the final match (Roger Federer v Rafa Nadal, of course) we’re going to wake up at 3 in the morning tonight, go to another friend’s house while they’re out of town, and watch the match. I still haven’t decided who to cheer for, because I have such respect for both players. Probably, though, I’ll wind up (like at Wimbledon) cheering for Roger. Either way, it’s going to be yet another historic match and great to watch (if Roger wins, he ties Sampras for the most Grand Slam wins). 
After the match I threw together a really quick dinner. Fish and green beans, baked in foil.  You’ve done this, right? Just put the meat (fish or chicken) down on some foil. Drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, and seasoning of your choice. Put your veggies on top, roll it up like a burrito, and bake in the oven.
I used some dried basil and dried tarragon to season the fish. I really love tarragon with fish, you should try it sometime. Tarragon has a slightly licorice flavor, much like fennel, but not overpowering. I find it delicious, and I can’t stand licorice. Baked at 350o for 20 minutes and it was done to perfection!

Eat right out of the foil, then just wrap up the leftovers and stick ’em in the fridge. About as easy as you can get!
While we ate, we watched Righteous Kill. We watch (and own) a lot of movies. I gave this one a 2 out of 5 stars. GP gave it a 4 out of 5. 
Need anything to make for a SuperBowl Party tomorrow?  Try some Trey Dip or Guacamole. They’re always crowd pleasers; I’ll be making Trey Dip for the party at our house! Bring some beer!


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