Way too much going on

15 Dec
I think it’s time for a WIP Roundup! In list format! Newest first! With lots of exclamation points!
1. Monkey Socks! I cast the first one on right before Thanksgiving so I could have a good driving project on the 8 hour drive. I made it to the heel flap by the time we arrived, then got to the foot during our stay. 
Clark was intrigued by the flash.

Finished the whole sock on the drive home. Cast on sock #2 last Sunday! I’m not too happy with all the pooling that’s going on, but I’ll survive. It’s still pretty cool looking. 
Oh! Also! I used a tubular cast on, and managed to get it too tight, so it’s really a struggle to pull over my heel (once past that it’s okay). Is it possible to rip out the cast on and do a sewn bind off or something? Or is it impossible to rip out that cast on without wanting to bash my head into the wall? Anyone know?
2. Icarus shawl! I tell you what. This is the shawl that never ends! 

I thought I was done with the repeats of chart one (5 in all). Turns out I had only done three. Because I am an impatient person, and because the shawl is already plenty big, I’m dropping one of the repeats. 
After I finish the one I’m on, there’s only about 70 or so (?) rows to knit of 400+ stitches. Should be totally easy.
3. . Turn a Square hat! Yeah…..this thing looked so ugly that I just put it out of it’s misery. I will be redoing it, because GP needs a new hat, but it’ll take a while. May not even be cold by then, who knows?
Ugly hat + ugly jogs = frog pond.

4. Victorian shawl! All I have done to this one is put it in a different project bag. It’s getting no love right now.
5. Mom’s socks! First one finished, second one still needs, well, pretty much everything!
That’s it! There are several more things I’d love to cast on for, but I need to focus on finishing what I’ve got now. I do have some yarn to make a Bucket hat, a new shawl, and I’d really like to make some mittens (which I’ve been talking about doing for about a year). I’ll get to it all eventually! I may or may not have crocheted a hat yesterday in a fit of procrastination from work related things. It may or may not be horribly ugly, but that is a post for another day.


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