In which I ramble about running and pie

12 Dec
Thanks, everyone, for the encouragement on the race! My goal was to have fun, keep my pace, and make it back in under 2 hours. I cut it pretty close, finishing in 1:59:36, and averaging 9:08 per mile! I was hoping to post some pictures from the official photographer’s site, but apparently they aren’t so fast in getting them up. Oh well.  
Not surprisingly, I ran a whole lotta miles while training for this half marathon. According to my running spreadsheet, I managed 88.72 miles in October and 79.3 miles in November (that was a tough month – foot pain made me take more rest days than I otherwise would have). One of the side effects of running that much is that I was hungry ALL THE TIME! If there was food around, I would eat it. Especially if it contained sugar. Because of that, I managed to fall prey to something that often happens to runners when training for distance events. I gained weight. Seven pounds, to be as precise as my $5 scale will allow me to be. 
Now, a good part of the gain is also because I am so tired coming home from work that we just order take out instead of cooking good, clean, healthy food.  Which is something I am doing my best to remedy now, in the last week before we head off on Christmas break, by getting back to writing out meal plans and having things ready to be cooked when I get home.  Or making GP cook, since he’s done with classes now.
Do not be alarmed, people! I will still post unhealthy, delicious things on this here blog so that you can enjoy succulent dishes to your heart’s content. Like the recipe and link to pumpkin pie I’m putting below!  
One of the unhealthy things I cooked for Thanksgiving supper this year was pumpkin pie. The other was corn casserole, which used an entire stick of butter for an 8-inch dish. I threw health to the wind this season! But back to the pie.  So, I was planning on using the world’s easiest recipe, from my Great Aunt Pearl, but then realized I didn’t have one of the 3 ingredients in my pantry. So I turned to, the savior of many a cook, and found a recipe that did not require me to go to the store.  It was simple, easy, and sooo good!  
The filling (link here) made more than would fit in my crust, so I pulled out some ramekins, and GP and I each had a little pie for dessert that night. I ate some before I took the picture. Below is the recipe from Pearl (click to huge-ify), typed up and a scan of the original. See how easy it is? Yet, I didn’t have the Eagle Brand milk. 
Pumpkin pie is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy these recipes, and tell me what your favorite seasonal dessert is in the comments!


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