Lotsa Socks

24 Nov
Once upon a time, long long ago, I finished the Waving Lace socks. Then, I got busy and never photographed them. Oh, I wore them plenty, and have been enjoying them greatly. But only just now have I taken pictures, because I am lazy and easily distracted by newer, more exciting projects of lace and, well, more socks.  

These socks were started on July 10, and finished October 5. Holy cow, that’s how bad a blogger I am! Socks almost 2 months old, and just getting blogged about! The yarn is Plymouth Happy Feet. I really enjoyed working with this yarn; it has a great hand and makes a soft fabric. Plus! It’s super affordable as far as sock yarn goes. Happy Feet also comes in a really great range of variegated colors, so you can definitely find something you like among their line.  It’s a wool/nylon blend.
To make up for my pathetic blogging of the aforementioned socks, I present to you the latest pair of socks, so hot off the needles that I literally wove in the ends not 10 minutes ago, shoved them on GP’s feet, and took pictures. These are knit with Araucania Ranco Solid, a 100% wool yarn that also has a great hand and really manly colors. GP, if you put these through the washer you will be getting no more socks!

Star toe! My new favorite!
Now, just so you don’t go thinking that I’m a responsible knitter who loves her husband and knits his giant feet socks all quick like, let’s look at the facts. I cast these things on a really long time ago. Like, the first blog post I can find about them dates all the way back to May (gasp!).

But then it was summer and GP and I only wear flipflops in the summer and you really don’t need wool socks that time of year. Also, I learned that while I love magic loop, I despise working two socks at a time on magic loop. It sucks. A lot. Good for you if you like it, you can keep it. I will be doing only one sock at a time in the future. 
So. There you have it. 2 completed pair of socks! I also finished one lone sock, knit out of Sockotta self-patterning yarn. This one is a mostly cotton yarn that I will not be working with in the future. After working my poor hands to the bone to finish this one and start the next, I do not like it. Switching back to wool to finish GP’s socks was like a little bit of heaven on the carpal tunnel wrists. No picture, because the camera refused to focus on the pattern and instead focused on the floor.


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