Birthday Meme!

19 Nov

It’s my 27th  birthday! To celebrate, I’m answering a meme I was tagged for over at Tri to Cook. If you haven’t checked out her site, you really should, she’s got tons of great stuff to make you drool.

Okay, so. This is the 6 random things meme that’s been floating around the blogosphere lately. I will be answering it, for your entertainment, with 6 random ways I will be celebrating my birthday.
1. I will cook absolutely nothing today! That’s right, nothing. In fact, I didn’t even pour my own bowl of cereal this morning. I did make the coffee, but since that is necessary for survival, that doesn’t count.
2. I will spend 3 hours of my day getting trained to use our department’s new confocal microscope. I do a lot of microscope work in my research, and have been dying to use the new one since it first came in. In fact, I would have set the whole thing up if they would have let me. Fortunately, the higher ups don’t trust grad students with the set up of machines that cost a quarter of a million dollars.  Science is expensive, repair even more so.
3. GP and I are going out to dinner somewhere. No idea where. 
4. I decided to dress up this morning (well, nicer than I generally do, which means some makeup and non-tennis shoes). Then, GP noticed some smudgy thing on my shirt. So I dressed down into a band t-shirt (Dropkick Murphys) and my shell-toe Converse All Stars with the argyle laces. I’ve had these shoes for about 10 years now.
5. GP is baking a red velvet cake for me. This is also one of the cakes we had at our wedding. I will be eating a ginormous slice because it’s my birthday, I love cake, and I really just want all sugar all the time these days. 
6. I’m out of random things. Suggestions? Leave ’em in the comments!
Consider yourself tagged if you feel like it. 


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