14 Nov
A few weeks ago, my friends and I packed up the car and drove out to the mountains of North Carolina for SAFF.  Like last year, we had a great time, saw some awesome animals, pet lots of really fantastic yarn, and met lots of great vendors and fellow bloggers.
Unlike last year, our first year at a fiber festival, we were a bit more prepared for the sensory overload! The thing is, at these festivals there are so many vendors, so many colors, and so many fibers to be had. It’s hard to know where to start, what to look for, and where to end the search.  Last year Kristen really wanted to buy some roving, but was so overwhelmed that she left with just a single skein of sock yarn!  
I headed into SAFF this yearn knowing that GP and I are on a stricter budget and doing our best to stick to it.  So I had in mind that I would pick up some sock yarn and maybe some laceweight. Because 80% of my knitting is socks and lace. Actually, that’s all I have on the needles right now!
So here’s what I walked away with. (Pictures aren’t necessarily accurate. I do my best.)
Sock yarn, from the incredibly talented Miss Babs.  If you haven’t seen her stuff, give it a look. She has some of the most beautiful colorways I’ve seen, and all the yarns are so great to work with.
These colors are my absolute favorites, and it looks even better balled up.  The colorway is Hot Mama.  Oh yeah. I think I’ll finally make a pair of Monkeys with this. 
The only other thing I walked away with is some laceweight yarn from Knitting Notions. (Check out their shawl pins. They’re hand made, they’re all gorgeous, and they’re a good price!) I don’t know why, but as soon as I saw this great black and purple combination, I knew I wanted it. I kept looking at all the other vendors to make sure I didn’t see something I wanted more, then went back before the end of the day to pick this up.
The colorway is Aubergine, and I so love it! Which is really strange because purple is probably my least favorite color. I think, though, that the amount of black in the yarn makes it just different enough that it rocks instead of being repulsive. I’m tossing around a few different patterns for this yarn (Icarus, Seraphim, and this one. All Ravelry links, sorry). I really want the colors to be the focus, so I’m looking at shawl and stole patterns that are simple, without too much intricate stitch work. Any other suggestions would be great!
Okay, one of these days I’ll have some FO pictures for you. Until then, have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!


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