I need these things to survive

9 Nov
This morning, while laboriously making our breakfast of Eggo waffles, I once again lamented the fact that we possess a really crappy toaster. I hate our toaster for a variety of reasons, the most pertinent being that I have to press the lever about 4 times for it to actually start toasting whatever it is that I want warm and crispy.  
Once the Eggos finally went down, I turned to the much more important task of making the coffee, a substance I like to refer to as the bitter nectar of life. In very stark contrast to the hatred I bear for the toaster, I have nothing but a heart full of love for all the coffee making implements in our kitchen.  These are numerous, diverse, and somewhat redundant, I’ll admit: 2 coffee grinders, one drip machine, one french press, and one espresso machine. What, is that not normal?
Anyway, that was really just a long way to introduce my topic for today, which has very little to do with recipes, but lots to do with kitchen devices.  Below are the three pieces of equipment that I love the most of all the things in my kitchen.  The first two get used on a daily basis, and the last one gets used about once a week. Sometimes more often, depending on how lazy I am and how many frozen pizzas we have in the freezer. Hey, I never claimed to be the pinnacle of health! 
1. The Coffee Grinder. This one is a GE Burr Grinder. Love it, but it does tend to sound like a plane is taking off in our kitchen. And that’s annoying early in the morning. 

Still, every morning, I grind the coffee. It really does taste so much better than the pre-ground stuff. I think it may also have more caffeine if you grind it fresh. Don’t quote me on that, though.
2. The French Press. I used to use the drip maker everyday, but in an attempt to drink less coffee, I switched to the press. It’s a Starbucks brand thermal carafe that keeps warm for a long time. It’s also dishwasher safe!
I don’t really think this worked to cut down the intake, but it tastes a lot better! It’s stronger, more bitter and acidic, and thicker.  Oh, and I take my coffee black. 
3. The Pizza Stone. We generally have pizza once a week, when GP and I go hang out with our friends, then need a quick dinner when neither of us feels like cooking. 
Seriously, if you don’t have one of these, you should put it on your wish list. It makes the crispiest crust you’ve ever had! It’s also super easy to clean, since stuff doesn’t stick to it, and you can use it to make things such as cookies.  Now, who doesn’t like pizza and cookies, really?
Okay, so. What is your favorite piece of kitchen equipment? What can you not do without? I need to know, because there might be some fabulous piece of something that I’m missing and will never know about until you tell me.  


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