Where did October go, exactly?

2 Nov

Okay, so.  I’ve been busy, but let’s be honest here.  I haven’t been that busy. 

I have been working hard at school, trying to wrap up a body of work and move on to the next part.  That takes lots of time and planning, and my motivation has been waning. 
In place of my motivation for working is my captivation with the Presidential campaign. This is already a historic election, and  it’s been really exciting to live in a battleground state! Which way will we go – red or blue? I did my duty and stood in line for 2 hours on Monday to cast my ballot. I took a sock along to knit on, but after about 5 minutes my hands were too cold to navigate the needles (we were standing outside, after dark, in 40o weather. I’m a wimp, I know). I won’t discuss politics here, but I will encourage everyone to get out there and vote on Tuesday! 
What I really wanted to share with you, though, is my latest case of startitis.  You know this dreaded disease; all knitters fall to it at some time or another.  In the last month, I have cast on the following projects:
1. A pair of boring socks (I actually knit most of this sock during the VP debate)

Sorry, I can’t remember exactly what yarn this is, although I think it’s Sockotta.
2. A lacy shawl

Pattern: The Victoria Shawl, by Jane Sowerby from Victorian Lace Today
Yarn: Unique Sheep Aurora, colorway Spiced Apple
3. Another lacy shawl, this time not so lacy. 

Pattern: Icarus by Miriam Felton
Yarn: Bristol Yarn Gallery Buckingham, in black.  Alpaca/silk blend of goodness. Currently in the Manta Ray Phase ™.
Still on the needles are GP’s socks.  
I did finish my Waving Lace socks, so that’s something.  I still need to take some pictures of them, and maybe I’ll get around to that this week, and maybe I won’t.  Who knows.  I do know I’ll be doing some knitting, working really hard, watching lots of election coverage, and trying to plan out the next few weeks until Thanksgiving.  If I do much more than that, my head just might explode. 
Sorry, ya’ll. I’m feeling lazy, so no links in the post. I’ll make you do the work to google it if you find something interesting.  Stay tuned for pictures of yarn and possibly even more new projects some time in the future!  When?  Who knows! 


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