WIP Roundup

4 Sep
I’m tired of writing about the CP(N)H and you’re probably tired of reading about it. Let me sum up it’s current state: seamed, button banded, collared, ends woven in, buttons sewn on, waiting for wet block.  So basically, done!
Onto some WIPs, which I’m sure you’re dying to know about, if you remember them at all.  We’ll start with the oldest, GP’s socks.
Pretty much look the same as last time I showed them to you. Meaning, I haven’t touched them except to get them into and out of my knitting bag.  But! Since GP and I are now carpooling to work, I have some car time to work on them.  Just 15 minutes in the morning, but that amounted to 2 rows on each sock today. At that rate I should have them finished in about, 2012. 
Next up are the Waving Lace socks. I finished the first one a few weeks ago, but never managed to blog about it because, well, I am lazy.  That has been well established on this blog.  

Anyway, I finally cast on for the second one last week at knit night, then got the cuff and part of the first pattern repeat done at a Labor Day cookout. The pattern is really so fun and easy that this sock should go pretty quickly.  
Lastly, we have a new WIP in the bag of knitting goodness!  A super long time ago my aunt asked for a wrap.  She had very specific things she wanted and after days of internet searching we settled on a rectangular stole in feather and fan pattern. Then, last spring there was a yarn debacle that never got straightened out and before I knew it summer had arisen with its 100o heat (she lives in Texas). Now that fall is attempting to make an appearance, I figured it was time to get this thing rolling.
The yarn is an alpaca/silk blend from KnitPicks, and it feels just wonderful!  It’s black, although the picture doesn’t show it, and I’m about 1/3 of the way done!  Feather and fan is just a simple 5 row repeat, and is actually really easy.  But wait!  I somehow manage to get confused every couple of rows, get the pattern off, then realize I messed up on the second stitch of the row.  Of course I don’t realize I’ve messed up until I’m at the last 3 stitches of the row.  So I do a lot of tinking, making the process slower, but none the less enjoyable.  Hopefully I’ll finish this up in a few weeks and mail it off in time for cooler weather!


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