Now that the Olympics are over….

30 Aug
You can expect the rest of the knitting on the CP(N)H to take a really long time. Maybe.  
Once I got it all seamed up, I had to get another skein of yarn with which to make and finish the button bands.  The half skein I had left just wasn’t going to cut it.  So, with new yarn in hand, I sat down and attended to some minor details prior to picking up the bands.

The color is so off in this photo.
Not sure what happened there.
See up there where I have stitches on holders? On the blue and red ones are the right and left fronts, and on the pink one in the back are the, well, back of the neck stitches.  Those are kept live when you follow the pattern and will eventually be part of the hood.  Since I’m not doing a hood, I needed a sloped edge along the front to pick up the bands, not a blunt edge cutting right into the sweater.  
With a little creative short rowing I managed to get those stitches taken care of.  See below?  Not perfect by any means, but good enough for my purposes.  Also, the collar and button bands will help to flatten in out and hide a few problems.  

See the sloped edge without live stitches?
After that I sat down and picked up all the stitches from edge to edge.  That took awhile, especially since I am really terrible at picking up stitches.  I use a crochet hook to pick up 10 or so, then slide them off the back of the hook onto a needle.  I works really well and is easier for me than using the tip of a needle to try to coax the yarn through.  I picked up 4 stitches for every 5 edge stitches, and I think it should work.  We’ll see if it starts pulling after I’ve knit a few rows.  
As for the shawl collar, Knitty has several cardigans with shawl collars.  I’ve picked one I like the most and will do some math to adjust the short rows to fit for this collar.  It may take several tries to get it right, but I’ll be sure to post what I did in case any one wants to give it a go as well.  


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