Seaming: Halfway there

15 Aug

Wednesday night, fortified by the presence of knitters who would either cheer or commiserate with me, I took the scissors to the miscrossed cable. It worked beautifully and I now have a perfect sleeve! Yay!

I searched far and wide across the internet to find a good example of how to cut and fix a miscrossed cable. The best one (with plenty of pictures) was from January One and is here. Beware, though! If you cable without a cable needle, you might have an extra bit of yarn wrapping around the other side of your cable. I did, and I just cut it and wove in those extra ends as well. No harm, no foul.

Once that was done, I set off to work with the seaming. Shan and Kate suggested using a 3 needle bind off on the shoulder seams. I mentioned to Kate that the shoulders were shaped using stepped bind offs, and she suggested ripping back and using short row shaping. Which I did on the fronts, only to realize that means reknitting quite a bit of the back. Because I am lazy, I didn’t do this.

Instead, I undid the shoulder seams and grafted them again. This time it worked! I think it looks swell, and even if it doesn’t I’m okay. The collar will hopefully cover a bit of the shoulder seams so any not-so-good-looking spots may be covered.

In a fit of seaming excitement, I set in one of the sleeves (it went in flawlessly!) then sewed that sleeve up! I would have continued, but the way I hold the heavy sweater while seaming was taking a toll on my wrists and I had to quit.

Last night I sewed up the side. Tonight I shall set in the other sleeve and get done what other seaming I can. Now. Does anyone have a good resource for knitting a shawl collar using short rows? That’s what I’m planning on doing, and I don’t want to spend 2 months trying to figure it out!



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