11 Aug
Interestingly enough, my knitting goal for these Olympics was merely to finish the sleeves of my CP(N)H. It would appear that victory is mine!

However, the victory is overshadowed by a small problem. Can you see it?

No? How about now?

At about halfway through the sleeve cap I noticed that hugely mis-crossed cable and nearly had a heart attack. I have reviewed the possibilities for correcting this egregious mistake and have decided on a course of action. I have not carried through with it as of yet, because it will require taking scissors to my knitting and this makes me quite nervous. So nervous, in fact, that although I had all day yesterday to fix the mistake, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Maybe I’ll hold off until Wednesday and do this at Knit Nite, where I will have the support of other knitters (and their sympathy, should I ruin it completely).

In the meantime, I have attempted (oh, 6 or 7 times) to seam the shoulders of this here cardigan. Please look at the pics and tell me which one you think looks best.

First up, I grafted these seams together, but I’m unhappy with it because the stitches are twisted. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get them to not twist, so I felt moderately dumb after several hours of trying yesterday. How do you think it looks?

Next, after getting mad at the grafting, I joined the right shoulder with a backstitch. This gives a deeper seam and takes off a stitch from both the front and the back (also creates a bulkier seam on the inside, but I’m not worried about that). Yes/No? Looks good/bad?

Okay, tell me your opinions on which seam looks better (pretty please?) or leave me your tips for not making the stitches twist while grafting. I’m open to giving it another shot!



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