Olympic Update: Opening Ceremonies

9 Aug

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take pictures of my CP(N)H sleeves before the Olympics started. They were, when draped across my arm, just to my elbow, right before the bend.


Running shoe included for scale.

Tada! I actually managed to stay awake and watch the entire opening ceremonies (which were so fantastic! If you didn’t see them, really try to find a highlights reel on the internet or something. Well worth it!) and knit for about an hour and a half while watching. It’s been a really long time since I was able to sit and knit without worrying about other things or needing to read something for work or leave and go back to work. I forgot how much I enjoy those extended knit breaks!

Back to the sleeves. The increases for the arm are all done! There are about 2.5 more inches of length that need to be added, and then it will be time to knit the sleeve caps. If I can manage to spend some quality time knitting on them this weekend, I should be able to finish the sleeves pretty quickly! After all, sleeve caps consist of lots of bind offs and decreases, meaning they go by really fast.

Outtakes! It’s hard to get a picture of your full arm by yourself.
I tried holding the camera at my shoulder and snapping (bottom right).
That was the best I got. Most just showcase the carpet.

In anticipation of a truly Olympic finish (read: starting and/or finishing the seaming) I am reading up on improving my seaming skills. How great would that be to get it seamed up and ready to knit the button bands/collar by the end of the Olympics?!?


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