It’s like a Hitchcock movie around here

31 Jul

Why do you need a camera phone? I just found out the answer to that question today.

I get out of my car to walk the half mile through the parking lot to the building. I get about, say 50 steps when I hear something and feel something big brush my right shoulder and hair. I turn to look and lo and behold –

It’s a bird! The size of a hawk – nay, an eagle! – wheeling around in midair to dive bomb me once more!

Fortunately, this most massive of birds decides that my smaller-by-comparison-self is not sufficient prey, and turns around to perch on top of a light post.

Thinking quickly, I grab my phone out of my pocket and snap a picture, just to show you the Argentavis magnificens which attacked me at the crack of dawn and before sufficient coffee.

Okay. Maybe I exaggerated a little bit. Maybe it is just a regular old bird. But it really did dive bomb me. The best part? Damn bird attacked me again on the way home! I think I’ll park somewhere else tomorrow.



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