30 Jul
Is that what they’re calling it? I can’t remember if that’s right, and I’m a bit too lazy to check right now, even though I’m sitting at the computer. (I’m also too lazy to link to things right now, as I’m running around at work. Check on Ravelry’s home page for links to the Ravelympics and WIP wrestling.)

I was thinking about participating. I thought the following things:

“I could make it my goal in the WIP wrestling division to finish the CP(N)H!”

“No, I don’t have time to actually finish the CP(N)H. I would fail and I hate to fail.”

“I could just finish the sleeves! That would be great!”

“Oh, but I might not have that much time, either.”

“Wait a second! I’ve got it! I’ll set an even easier goal, one that I know I can achieve in the 17 days of the Olympics!”

What is that goal, you ask? I’m going to work only on the CP(N)H, and knit a minimum of 15 minutes a day. Doesn’t sound like much, right? But lately I’ve had precious few minutes to sit down and knit. So 15 minutes a day would be a great opportunity to get some rows done, and if I’m lucky and find a bit more time in the day, I might be able to achieve that grand goal of finishing the sleeves.

When do the Olympics start? I’ve got some sports watching to do!

Anyone out there participating for real? I’m not signing up or anything, just setting a meager little goal for myself and hoping to accomplish something. Small goals are the easiest to achieve!



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