Big Thanks

25 Jul
Thanks, ya’ll, for your support and encouragement! Ya’ll are the best! My talk went really well. I didn’t mess up, had lots of good questions, and several people approached me later to discuss my work and theirs. All in all it was a great success!

For the science geeks reading, I work on a specific DNA tumor virus. I study how viral DNA replication activates and modulates cellular DNA damage responses, and the potential that these virus/host interactions can lead to the development of cancer. You know the whole HPV causing cervical cancer thing (Gardasil, anyone)? Like that, but a different virus and different potential type of cancer.

I’m having a good time, learning a lot, and enjoying the beautiful weather! Tonight we’re going to Shakespeare in the park, which should be a welcome break from hearing about HPV (they dominate the field right now).

Have a great Friday, everyone!


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