Plans: Sometimes they fail

20 Jul

You may remember how I devised this great plan to work on the Central Park (Non)Hoodie on Wednesdays at Knit Nite? Right, so that plan is currently failing, as it requires that I actually make it to knit nite, which hasn’t really been happening. Oh sure, I went a couple of weeks ago, but that was the first time in about a month. This is very unfortunate because it means 3 things:

First, that I have been working ridiculously long hours and thus have no life.
Second, that I miss seeing my friends every week!
Third, that the CP(N)H never really gets worked on.

Here are the sleeves so far:

Yeah, they’re not quite there yet. Still got a ways to go before they actually cover my arms.

Thus, I am making it a point to work on the sweater more often so that it will, in fact, be done in September as is my goal. Or at least ready to sew up by the end of September. Whichever actually happens. In fact, I knit 6 rows on it last night! Right on!

Next up is the Saga of GP’s Socks. Ooo, look! I’ve overcome the dreaded heel flap, preformed the magic that is the heel turn, and even finished the gussets! I spent every spare minute I had on Friday and Saturday trying to make it through the gussets so that I could take the socks with me to work on while we went to see The Dark Knight*. I was knitting furiously, and was darn proud when I completed the last set of decreases. Then the movie started and I was so riveted I never even took the socks out of my purse! If I had, they likely would have sat in my lap and just kept me warm. They are wool, after all. So the plan to knit at the theatre failed, but at least a lot was accomplished on these guys.

My feet look really funny and small!
The socks were perched on the balcony railing.

Lastly, we have a plan that is not failing, because there is no plan involved here at all! I had a wicked case of startitis the other day and needed to cast on a new project. Of course, I went with a sock. This is the first of the Waving Lace socks, knit in Plymouth’s Happy Feet yarn. It’s really lovely to work with, and I’m enjoying the pattern so far. This is what I’ve got after just a few hours of knitting time!

I’m debating on whether this sock is flying by because the pattern is fun, or if it just feels like it’s flying by as it’s knit as a single, whereas GP’s socks are being done 2 at a time. Eh, who cares? I’m enjoying them!

*The movie was phenomenal! I may be biased because I’m a geek for superhero movies, but this one is definitely worth seeing. Besides, who in their right mind would pass up looking at Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart? Oh, and it has a preview for Terminator Salvation!



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