Tales of Incompetency

11 Jul

Okay, incompetency may be a bit strong, but it makes for a nice title!

Let’s get started shall we?

Tale #1. As it turns out, I may have jumped the gun on ripping the string bag. Trek tells me it is supposed to look like a strange hat until you are very nearly done. Well, I thought I was very nearly done, but maybe I wasn’t. Maybe I forgot a row or something and I’m just incompetent at reading a pattern (I think we already figured out that’s a problem) rather than incompetent at crochet. Ah well, what’s done is done!

Tale #2. I’ve been knitting this pair of ginormous socks (above) for GP. I felt really proud, working hard and finishing the heel flaps. When it came time to turn the heel, I realized I had forgotten how! After 3 failed attempts (really? 3? That’s bad) I dug out my copy of Knitting Rules and let the Yarn Harlot tell me what to do.

Tale #3. After turning the heel of sock #1 I proceeded to sock #2. This one wasn’t working the same, and I was confused. Turns out, I worked the heel flap for sock #1 over 40 stitches, and the heel flap for sock #2 over 36 stitches! Since these are being knit 2 at a time on magic loop, this means I put sock #2 on the needles wrong. Lovely. So I had to take the offending sock off the needle, rip out the heel flap, and re-knit it over the proper number of stitches.

Tale #4. Part of the reknitting happened yesterday, while I sat on a curb waiting for GP to bring me a spare set of car keys. I, in a blinding moment of incompetency, locked my keys in my car. And not just in my car, but dangling in the ignition. Here, I drew you a picture to illustrate the situation. I even labelled it in case you can’t figure out what the scribbles are supposed to be.


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