So Close!

23 Jun

Here is the Lotus Blossom Tank in all it’s finished, blocked glory.

Notice I am not wearing it.

See, here’s what happened. The back in the pattern comes all the way up to the neck and completely covers the upper back. I wanted the back to be lower and more open to facilitate coolness when this shirt is worn with my hair down. See here for an example of my hair. It’s really thick, too.

So I modified the back to sit lower across my shoulder blades, and made straps about 2 inches wide that went from back to front. Everything seemed great until I tried it on post-blocking. Now it appears that the straps are too long (by about 2 inches) and placed weirdly (I changed the placement, which was kinda silly since that’s a big part of the top that was appealing in the first place). So now I’m working on fixing that.

And you know, it’s not that I’m upset that it didn’t work out like I planned, or even that I have to redo it. I’m upset because I have to rip through the lovely crocheted edging I added to the armholes and pull out what is quite possibly the most beautiful bit of seaming I have ever done! See, right where the strap meets the front?

Le sigh. I will finish these bits of re-knitting tonight, seam it back up, and steam block the life out of these straps so they don’t role. Look for an FO post later in the week! And wish me luck!


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