No, I don’t normally dress like this.

19 Jun

I’m really trying to finish the Lotus Blossom Tank by next Thursday so that I can wear it on our upcoming beach vacation. Fortunately, I’m at an entirely stockinette part, so the knitting goes fast. Several movies later and I’ve reached the length where the pattern instructs me to split for the front and back and work those separately. That means that the amount of shirt I have now should reach my armpits.

Time to try it on, then! So I put it on and adjust it to where I want the lace pattern to be positioned.

Isn’t my outfit great! Trust me, sweatpants are all the rage right now. Go buy yourself some!

Um, yeah. Not quite to my armpits just yet. Although, looking at the picture, I think the lace should sit about an inch higher than I have it positioned. I know I can get more length out of this during blocking.

At any rate, I figure about 4 or 5 more inches should do it, so I will probably be able to split the front and back tomorrow. After that things should go quickly, as it’s just a small bit of knitting and then some shoulder straps! Weee!



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