String bag #1

17 Jun

I love bags. Any shape, any size, almost any color and I will like it! So it comes as no surprise that Trek‘s post about crocheting a string bag struck a chord with me.

I asked, and she sent me a pdf of the pattern she uses, and which I am now currently using (and almost done with, but that’s a post for another day). Anyway, I went searching for some different variations on this string bag theme and found quite a large number of patterns. One, however, really caught my eye because it is made with ribbon yarn.

Oh, ribbon yarn. It seems like a good idea when you buy it, but then when you start working with it, you find yourself going crazy. I have a good amount of little-girl-pink ribbon yarn. It started life as this tank top which was ill-fitting and soon frogged. Then I tried to make a baby dress for my niece out of it, but decided it would be way to scratchy for baby skin. Thus, the ribbon has sat in my closet for about 2 years now, only persisting in the yarn drawer because I cannot throw anything away.

Finding this pattern, then, and subsequently making the bag, alleviates my guilt at having unused yarn in my closet!

Pattern: Eco-Warrior shopping bag
Yarn: Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon (I’m pretty sure. Ball bands lost ages ago) approximately 2 skeins
Hook: The biggest I have, I think a J or so?
Mods: I made the handles differently than the pattern, because I was lazy.
Notes: You know, I thought crocheting with ribbon yarn would be a nightmare, but it really wasn’t that bad! I think I finished this bag in about 2 nights or so. It was quick and simple, and can hold a ton! Here it’s holding 2 or 3 normal sized library books.

I have enough ribbon yarn left to make another bag, so I just might go for it. After all, these make great bags for groceries, the beach, and just a regular carry-all.



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