How I do things

14 Jun

I don’t do things normally. I get an idea in my head, and I have to execute said idea immediately. This generally means I spend a good amount of time (a couple of days) obsessing over said idea, working on it, and finishing it. During those two days I am a very productive ball of stress that doesn’t sleep much.

A month or so ago I decided I needed a new purse. Of course that has come to mean that I need to make a new purse. One original and distinct and cool like me. Or something like that.

Anyway, GP and I were leaving the coming Friday to go out of town, and I for some reason got it in my mind that I needed the purse immediately (see how it works?) or the whole weekend would be ruined and I would be sad. I went shopping, got some great batiks, found a pattern, and went to town.

I love this fabric!

The pattern was too big. So I scaled it down in adobe acrobat and cut out the pieces. Too small! I tried about 3 more times to figure out what size to print the pattern at to give me the size of bag I wanted. Then I gave up.

I wound up taking the basic shape of the bag but making it smaller and squatter than the pattern. Then I assembled it by my own methods, and it came together quite flawlessly! I was very afraid I would mess up over and over and never finish, but I managed to sew the whole thing together in just 2 nights! It turned out great and a perfect size for me to carry all my junk in. See?

Wallet, keys, pen, knitting project, it all fits!


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