7 May

Saturday was the Race for the Cure! I ran my little heart out and finished in 26:23, a very respectible time, I think. A big Thank You goes to my family and friends who contributed in my meager fundraising efforts – I am very pleased that I reached my goal!

I had a great time hanging out with some classmates I don’t see often enough, and I plan on making the Race an annual event. Maybe next year I’ll get GP out there with me! (He wanted to run this year, but had too much else on his plate to make it possible.)

So I’ve been really busy with work and extra curriculars to the extent that very little knitting has transpired lately. What has been going on is some stealth knitting, and a few nights’ foray into the world of crochet. I have, for reasons unknown, been wildly possessed of the desire to crochet a hat. I found a pattern and tried to read it, then gave up in desperation. I think I might actually have to get someone to teach me to crochet, which is interesting, because I pretty much taught myself how to knit. Is crochet confusing to anyone else, or do I simply have very limited brain capacity in the fiber arts?

As I have no real knitting to show you, I’ll leave you with some comics my aunt sent me in the mail. She read them and thought of me, and like her mother before her, she cut them out and mailed them! It must be genetic because my Mom (her sister) does the same thing. Click to embiggen.



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