You would think

2 May

I would learn from my mistakes.

I felt so accomplished after finishing some socks that I immediately cast on for my new tank top. I looked at the pattern, decided it was going to be really easy, and knit about 3 inches or so. Then…..

I realized that once again I was foiled by a pattern! Okay, really I was foiled by myself not looking at the lace chart closely enough. I noticed I had done an entire lace panel wrong for 16 rows! Since I am lazy and didn’t want to reknit it all, I just ripped out the lace section down to the cast on edge and re-knit that portion. Once I fixed it and started knitting again and got to the mirror image panel on the other side….well….

I realized I had done that side wrong too!

Now the tank top looks like this:

I gave up and went with a different pattern altogether. Anything to keep me happy and sane is a good choice at this point in time! I’ve read that the Lotus Blossom tank (Ravelry link) runs large in size, so I’m making the smallest. I’ll also probably add another lace repeat and some extra stockinette to give it a bit more length. Of course I’ll be changing the back and shoulders as well, because apparently I can’t knit anything directly according to the pattern.

In happier news that results in no frogging! Wii! Our loverly stimulus package money for the gov’t has been used to stimulate the economy. That is, we finally bought the thing that our hearts have most desired; a Wii. Here’s GP playing the new MarioKart game with the fancy-shmancy steering wheel. How cool is that?

I’m mostly excited for when Mom comes to visit this summer. I’m totally gonna laugh while watching her try to manage the really strange controller system. Just don’t throw the controller out the window, mkay?



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