Fire! and a partial sock

17 Apr

Friday I came home from work to find that the pine needles which constitute a yard in front of our apartment were on fire. Yes, like, burning on fire. I walk into our apartment and the following conversation ensues:

Me: GP, the yard is on fire.
GP (just waking up from a nap): Whahuuh?
Me: The yard is on fire.
GP: Is it suppossed to be?
Me: I don’t think so.

Naturally, we ran outside to see what was going on. Now, when I came home, the burning patch was just about 5 inches in diameter, but by the time we exited the apartment, smoke was everywhere and the dry pine needles had caught on fire about 3 feet in diameter.

GP runs to the end of the building with Downstairs Neighbor #1 (DSN#1) and grabs the water hose. They unroll it and run it to the fire. Turn on water. Wrong hose, the other hose on the holder is the one connected to the faucet thingy! By this time the apartment maintenance had driven by in their nifty golf carts and came to help, connecting the two water hoses. DSN#2 started drenching the fire as Maintenance Guy started stomping on it. After a few minutes, it was out and we were all safe. The burned area wound up about 5 feet long and a few feet wide, and reached up to the sidewalk of our building!

Exciting, no?

Anywho, Tuesday was the season finale of a show I watch but do not admit to watching. While I watched I worked out, then I knit on the second Merino Lace sock. Then last night we finally got around to watching Juno, and I got more work done on the sock!

Looky there, I’m on the foot and almost done! Woohoo! Then I can start my tank top.

While watching the movie, all 4 of us (we had friends over) attempted to keep the dog from jumping on us, and I attempted to keep Stuart from eating my hair. Our pets are strange. Meanwhile, Soup stood over us on his 4 foot platform, disapproving of our frivolity.



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