Warm weather knitting

10 Apr

So last week at knit nite, I fully intended to by some self-patterning sock yarn. I picked out two colorways I liked, and I went around polling everyone as to which one I should buy. Maybe you see a pattern emerging? I need help to make decisions. Particularly when it comes to purchases, as I suffer severely from buyer’s remorse.

Anyway, so back to the yarn. Here is what I walked away with:

Not sock yarn!

Here’s the thing. Ever since that first day where I didn’t need to bundle up to go outside, I have been itching to knit a tank top. So I decided to look through the pattern books and see what I could find. Then I decided to look around at the yarn and see what there was to be had. Then I found this stuff and the price just couldn’t be beat! Eventually all this 100% non-natural yarn will become this:

I am really digging this pattern, but may have to make some modifications to the armholes. I’m trying to avoid linebacker shoulders here, and the top seems to come in just a bit to much into the chest for my tastes. I might also make it a V-neck, but that has yet to be seen, and may require math.

Well, the lack of blogging lately can be explained by the lack of knitting. Here’s what I’ve been doing instead, in case you’re interested.

1. Today I taught a class. This is the first time I have ever been solely responsible for educating young impressionable minds on an entire subject matter. I think it went well, and my boss said I did a better job than he does, so I feel pretty confident about it. Then again, my family tree is full of teachers, so I think I have been bred for this particular job. At any rate, I have now fulfilled my entire teaching requirement and am one step (albeit a very tiny one) closer to that PhD. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

2. I’ve been running. A lot. You know I’m doing the Race for the Cure, right? Well, I’ve decided that if I’m gonna run this thing, I’m gonna do it proper and try for a semi-decent time! So I’m following an actual training regimen and have set myself a goal. I will not tell you this goal because you might laugh at how slow it sounds. I can run for a really long time, but not particularly fast.

3. This past weekend I was out of town, at a conference that has been dubbed Geek Fest 2008. It was totally geeky, and kinda cool. I got to learn about a lot of different and new viruses that I’m not exposed to on either a physical or educational level very often. The days were packed full and left me no time for knitting, although I certainly took some along.

Next post, I’ll have either an incredibly riveting story to tell you about people banding together for the common good, or an FO. I know that you’ll all be waiting with baited breath!



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