CPH: Evolution

4 Apr

ETA: There is a poll on this post. Please visit the actual page to participate, as the poll might not show up on your feed aggregator.

As a scientist, I have the good fortune to hear, read, write, and say all sorts of crazy things on a regular basis. For example:

1. I was once heard to say that Herpes are “sweet.” This was in response to the biology of the group of herpesviruses, and not about the disease itself. Just so ya know.

2. Wednesday, my boss and I had a conversation about mad cow and similar diseases. One phrase that was uttered (no pun intended) was “Don’t feed cows cows!” because yes, that was part of how the disease spread when there was that epidemic in the ’90s.

3. I’ve written the phrase “spongiform encephalopathy” about 20 times daily the last couple of days. Try saying it, it’s really fun!

4. I called a bacterium stupid once. That feels kinda mean, because bacteria are in fact inferior lifeforms, and I shouldn’t make fun of them for something they can’t help, right? Or should I just tell them to evolve and get over it? I can’t decide.

Speaking of evolving, the Central Park maybe-Hoodie has become more sweater-like and less blanket-like. It is now possessed of a complete left front and part of a right front. Progress, people, progress. And yes, those pictures were taken on our washing machine. I’m high tech.

Also! Speaking of can’t decide-ing, should I make this with a hood or without? This is a hard decision for me. See, I love hoodies, I really do. They are great and wonderful and warm and I never really put the hood up. The problem arises when I wear a hoodie and leave my hair down. My super long hair covers up the hood, and I am left with the impression that I rather look like a hunch back, particularly if the hood is especially voluminous, as this hood promises to be.

Poll time! Should I make this with a hood or without?

Oh, and by the way, I found the missing sock. It was hiding under a pile of (clean!) laundry. I suspect this little rebellion is the sock’s attempt to guilt me into cleaning. Too bad it won’t work! Bwahahahahaha!


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