Motivation. It is lacking.

26 Mar

You know how sometimes you just get in a funk and don’t feel like doing the things that normally make you happy? That’s been me lately. I’ve not been really enamored with my current projects, so I’ve been shunning them for reading instead. But! I am making plans to remedy this situation, especially as more TV shows are airing new episodes. New TV = more knitting in Gena math.

Since I have been lacking both motivation and brain power, I have turned most of my attention to the plain jane Monet Socks. Simple and mindless seems to be about all I can handle these days, so I have been zipping along. I cast on for the second sock last Wednesday at knit nite. Last night I turned the heel and started the leg. Tonight I shall knit solely (ha! no pun intended) on this one sock, in an attempt to finish the pair before it is too hot for socks anymore.

You know, once you actually start knitting, you can get a lot done! Must remember for later.

Here is the progress on the socks for GP.

Right, they’re no longer socks. They’re little balls of yarn. I like the pattern but it’s too messed up and GP mentioned in passing that the cables were a little much. So eventually I will have another pair of mindless socks to make. Those should be good for a long time of mindless knitting, because GP, being a man, has big feet. Big feet = lots of stockinette in Gena math.



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