Review: Simple & Delicous magazine

22 Mar

My sister-in-law is a baker to be reckoned with. She can make you any cake, any shape, any size, and make it look like you paid mega-bucks for it to those guys from Charm City Cakes. She’s also a really good cook with a love for cookbooks, much like myself.

For my birthday last year, she gave me a subscription to Taste of Home’s Simple and Delicious recipe magazine. They come out every 2 months and are chock full of great, easy recipes submitted by regular people like you and me! Most of the recipes are fast (think less than an hour, closer to 30 minutes) and don’t require too many ingredients. Some even include nutritional information.

Each issue has over 100 recipes, each with a picture so you know what you are getting. Card-sized recipes (12 of ’em) are included, and are the prize winning recipes for that issue’s theme (casseroles, shortcut recipes, etc)

Express Lane – extra quick recipes for on-the-go meals, ideas to shorten cooking times of your favorite recipes, and written out shopping lists

Quick Fix – 30 minute menus, easy entrees, quick sides and desserts. No really, they are 30 minutes, they are easy, and they are goooooood!

Test Kitchen – recipe makeovers to make traditionally extravagant dishes in less time!

My two favorite features are:

Shop once…eat all week! There is a printed grocery list that includes everything you will need to make dinner 5 nights of the week. Each of the menus are simple enough to cook in 30 minutes, or are done in a crock pot.

Back of the mag! See, you look at the pictures, see what looks good and what you think you have all the ingredients for, then you go to that page (printed on the pictures) and you cook it in 30 minutes or less! This has to be the best part of the publication. No flipping around trying to find something that sounds good. Just look at the picture to decide!

Anyway, if you are looking to expand your recipe index and want fast cookin’, gives these a shot. I promise you’ll enjoy them!



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