Spring at Last!

21 Mar

Ah, Spring is finally here, the weather is lovely, and things are starting to bloom! A beautiful time of year!

Except, these beautiful blooms bring with them the most evil, vile thing on earth…pollen. I am suffering from major allergies and serious sinus pressure. I am tired of sneezing, my nose is raw, and I can only breath through my mouth. Quite embarrassing as I’m limited to chewing with my mouth open. Cute! This, combined with watering eyes makes it hard to focus on anything, much less anything where I need to count. By that I mean knitting, in case you didn’t catch on.

The left front of the CPH is moving along nicely. That bump on the left is the waist shaping; don’t worry, it’s not coming off the needles needlessly deformed. This is a really enjoyable knit and goes really quickly when I have the time and energy to work on it. I’m hoping to get this front finished over the weekend.

Also, I cast on for some second socks. I did cast on and knit about 4 rows of the second Merino Lace sock. The second Monet sock is going too! I think I need to increase about 20 more stitches, but I should probably count instead of just guessing and having socks of two different sizes. ‘Cause that would be really useless. These socks make me ridiculously happy, and I’m sad that it will soon be too warm to wear wool socks on a regular basis.

Happy Easter, everyone!



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