St. Patty’s Knitting

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s day, everybody! In honor of this wonderful holiday I shall listen only to celtic punk bands, drink green beer, and knit only green objects. Sounds good, no?

Here’s where we stand on the CPH. The back is done and has been lightly steam blocked.

I’ve done some really odd modifications to this one in order to make it fitted rather than boxy. Let’s list them, shall we?

1. Cast on for the 44″ size and knit ribbing as such. Work the pattern as written for 36″ size, except with extra stitches on each size (so, 10 stitches between the charted motifs, 18 on each side instead of 14).

2. Decrease 2 inches on each side (this will be done on front as well) to bring it down to the 36″ size, and continue for a couple of inches. (Follow the gold safety pins for where I decreased and increased.)

3. Increase 0.5 inch each side (again, will be same for front) to give a 38″ bust. No, this is not an actual size in the pattern.

4. Make the armholes as specified for the 40″ size, as the sleeves for the 36″ size are exactly the size of my actual arms. Making them larger means I won’t have to fight with my shirtsleeves to get the sweater on.

5. Follow the neckline for the 36″ size, except decreasing an extra stitch on each side because there mysteriously was one, probably because of all the weird mods I have done.

I’m now working on the left front and making swift progress!


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