Knitting has Resumed

15 Mar

Phew! It feels like I have been MIA forever, but its really only been a couple of weeks. First, I had to freak out about my seminar (it went well, thanks). Then, I had to freak out because the thought occurred to me that next year’s seminar may very well be my dissertation defense. Then I had to freak out because it might not be my dissertation defense and that I might never graduate and then I felt guilty for not being at work and wanted to cry. Take it from me: stop after college. You really don’t need more education, even if it is/would be/will be cool to have letters after your name. Just make up your own letters. I suggest K.E. – Knitter Extraordinare. Or A.M. – Awesome Mom for all you with kids.

Right, so then this week was Spring Break, which I do not actually get anymore (see earlier passage about guilt). GP did, though, and so did his sister, and she came down from a much cooler place to spend the week with us! I’ve not spent a lot of time with GP’s family, what with us living so far away and not being able to travel as often as we’d like. So it was nice to finally have a chance to get to know his sister. We kept pretty busy, so knitting time was scarce, although I did quite a bit of the CPH back done.

Where was I going with this? Oh, right. I finished a sock! The first of the Monet socks is done and I love it very much. It was simple and easy and just what I needed after work the last few weeks. Now I just need to cast on for the other one and finish a pair.

The entire leg is done in 2X2 ribbing, which I find fiddly, but I love how it stays snug against the leg. My biggest complaint is that, laid out flat like this, the foot part looks freakishly huge. Now, I know my feet are strange shaped and odd and all manner of weird, but I promise they are neither freakish nor huge. Just large.



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