A Knitalong

12 Mar

For a good long while now, Karen, Kristen, Melinda and I have wanted to knit the Central Park Hoodie. We scoured stores in our area looking for a copy of the magazine the pattern was in, asking if anyone had a copy we could borrow, begging and pleading for help in acquiring said pattern. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but oh well.

Then one day, after lamenting that we still couldn’t find it, Interweave comes out and releases it for sale on the internet! Yeehaw! We immediately bought yarn, and a little over a week ago we had a casting on party at Kristen’s.

I’ve already ripped part way back twice. I am modifying the pattern to have a bit of waist shaping, and I first didn’t like where I had put my decreases, so I ripped back down to the ribbing. Then the other day I realized I had crossed one of the cables two rows early and had to rip back about 5 rows to fix it. No great loss, though!

Right now I’ve got about half of the back done, and hope to finish this part up this week. Being mostly stockinette and on size 8 needles, it knits up really fast! Speaking of mods, I’m still debating whether to knit the hood or replace it with a collar. Any suggestions/opinions?



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