Look! A WIP!

23 Feb

I feel better now. There are things on the needles. Naturally,there are socks involved. 3 to be exact.

Merino lace socks from Favorite Socks, Louet Gems sock yarn which just happens to be merino. The gusset of the first sock is done, and I am afraid they will wind up too big. We shall see.

Cable Rib socks from Favorite Socks in Araucania Ranco solids; these will be for GP. Once again I was thwarted by not reading the directions properly, so I ripped and started again. It’s still wrong because I am strangely incapable of converting a cuff down pattern to a toe up pattern, but I am now calling it a design feature and modifying the pattern like crazy. More on that when I get to the leg.

And lastly, the dreaded yarn from the ill-fated Retro Rib socks has come out of the yarn drawer and will become boring plain socks. It is behaving this time, and we are friends again.

I was tagged by Lisa for the seven things meme, and I think I will follow the lead of Shan and give them to you one at a time. See, that way you have to keep coming back in order to find out interesting things about me. Of course, since I am not interesting, today I stay on the topic of sock knitting.

Interesting thing number 1:

You may have noticed that I generally knit socks on DPNs. This is because I thought the other methods were fiddly and dumb and why would anyone want to knit socks using Magic loop? Really? I can’t really say why I thought this, just a general feeling I got from seeing people do it and reading about it. Sometimes I jump to conclusions. That and I think its really cool to knit a small tube using 5 needles.

Well, did you notice? Two of those socks up there are being knit the magic loop way. And I love it! I love it so much I am taking back anything bad I ever said about magic loop and eating those words. I love it so much that the one sock being done on DPNs is being neglected because all those needles are too fiddly and when I work on it I wish I was working on one of my loopy socks. Apparently I have been converted.


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