Maine Morning Mitts

18 Feb

After working so hard and focusing so much to finish the Clover Shawl, I needed something incredibly mindless to get back into the swing of knitting. I had another ball of Noro and wanted some fingerless mitts to go along with my new Calorimetry.

Trek made the Maine Morning Mitts awhile back, and after seeing hers and looking at the pattern, I knew they were just the ticket.

Noro Mitts

Pattern: Maine Morning Mitts
Due to the striping of Noro, these mitts are fraternal twins. Not even quite that, though. They’re more like two people who barely know each other but somehow have the same haircut.

Yarn: Noro Kureyon
The one on the right I have named Monday, because it’s grey and dreary and doesn’t want to get out of bed. The one on the left is Friday, because it’s all colorful and ready for a party!

Needles: US 5 Brittany DPNs

Started: Knit the first one Friday while watching Gladiator

Finished: Finished the second one Saturday. All told they probably took 6 hours from start to finish.

Mods: None. My brain didn’t want to think hard enough to change anything, not that it needed it. I do think I knit the finger-covering bit a little longer than specified, as I wanted it to come further up my fingers than my other pair of mitts.

Notes: This is a simple little ribbed pattern with a thumb gusset. It fit my bill of needing something mindless to keep my hands busy without challenging my brain. It would be a good pattern to learn knitting in the round and simple increases/decreases. Overall, I love them and wore them to work this morning even though it is 60o degrees outside and no one needs to be wearing wool.



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