Welcome! And Grab some Chips!

15 Feb

I love to cook, and I’ve been thinking of starting a blog related to cooking for awhile now. The purpose of this blog is to actually write down the recipes I develop and to share them with others.

I have a plethora of cook books and I use them fairly regularly. Most often, though, I wind up using tried and true recipes handed down from someone else or that I developed, or I just make it up as I go! Usually, the latter process works fine, but sometimes, as on Monday, it’s a big flop. And we order wings.

Work has kept me extra busy lately, so we’ve been eating more take out and frozen pizza than usual. I’m hoping that blogging my recipes and food adventures will help me to take the time to cook a delicious and healthy meal more often.

But, since this is my first entry, lets bring out the party food!

Trey Dip

A cheesy goodness dip developed by an old friend of mine nicknamed Trey, this dip is so good you will definitely go home from the party empty handed. One of my favorite things about it is that you can adjust the heat to suit your own tastes, and also adjust the fat content, if you’re into that. I use low fat or fat free versions of all the ingredients listed and can’t taste a difference. To take to a party, I use mild heat Ro-tel and sausage, but when I make this for GP and me, I like to use medium heat.

1 lb sausage (either pork or turkey)
2 cans original Ro-Tel
1 can green chili
8 oz sour cream
1 lb Velveeta cheese

Cube the Velveeta and place in a crock pot (or large pot on the stove) on medium/high heat to melt. While it is melting, brown the sausage and drain off the excess fat.

Add the sausage to the cheese, dump everything else in there and stir until it’s a big bowl of melty cheesy goodness. Serve with chips. I recommend yellow corn tortilla chips, because they’re my favorite.

This may sound like dips you’ve had or made before, but I promise it’s different! The addition of green chili adds a little something extra to the flavor, and the sour cream makes for a smoother, creamier dip that’s less apt to get clumpy and thick as it cools down. It makes a large batch, so grab a big bag of chips and enjoy!



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