All work and no play

15 Feb

Makes Gena a dull knitter. There has seriously been little to no knitting going on. I went to knit nite on Wednesday and mostly just sat there. Doing nothing except eating pretzels.

Right, so here’s a WIP Roundup for ya’ll.

1. I finished the short row heel of the first Retro Rib sock. Then I frogged the whole thing.

Seriously, the heel looked like a 3 year old who has never knit before made it. I somehow managed to miss a couple of the wrap & turns when I was short rowing up, and I just don’t know what happened. I promise that I was not inebriated when I knit it, but it sure looks like I was. At any rate, I wasn’t too happy with the pattern anyway, so I’ll be starting over and making some plain old boring socks, because that’s really about all I can handle right now.

2. The Clover shawl, at long last, is no longer a WIP. It is finished, blocked, and worn out to dinner on our anniversary. Pictures will come whenever there is daylight again, possibly tomorrow. I know you’re so excited you can’t stand it.

3. There are no WIPs. NO WIPs. None at all. I have not a thing on the needles. Nada. I may start something this weekend (probably) but we shall see. I have some sewing that needs to be done.

In other news, I’ve started another blog. It’s a place for me to collect and share recipes, so if you’re interested, check it out, and get a recipe for the best cheese dip you’ll ever eat!



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