Time Out

1 Feb

You see this sock?

It is in time out because it is a bad bad sock. It is not symmetrical, which has been bothering me since I first started knitting it. So last night I decide to look at the directions, because I’m almost ready to make a heel, and lo and behold what do I see in the pictures in the book? A symmetrical sock! What?!? How?!? Inconceivable!!

Here, lemme ‘splain. The top of the foot is in the Retro Rib pattern (seen on the right), and each side should have two purled stitches separating the instep and sole stitches, like so:

That side looks right, good. Now the other side:

No. Just no. There are no purled stitches where there should be. There is only stockinette, and I am mad because this must be the fault of the pattern for not being clear in how the instep stitches should be worked and surely I did not read the pattern wrong, because clearly it says to work the instep over 34 and the sole over 30!

Oh. Wait. Maybe it is my fault. I was working the instep over 32 and the sole over 32. Guess I found my two missing purls.



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