This is the shawl that never ends….

21 Jan

It just goes on and on my friends!

Or at least it sure seems to! However, I am making progress and can finally see the end in sight. So I shall bombard you with progress pictures!

I was getting kinda tired of photographing this on the red couch, so I put down a green blanket to keep it interesting. I’ve made it to the last chart of the pattern.

According to my calculations, which may or may not be right as I did them about 20 times and came up with 4 or so different results, I should do 8.5 repeats of this chart. Right now I have 3 done. 5.5 left to do – not too shabby!

If I quit now, I would have a set of wings! Cat included in the upper left corner for scale. That’s a big cat, ya’ll. This thing is gonna be huge, and I love it!

And one more close up, just so you can get the real idea of what these patterns look like. This last one is super easy to memorize, and just flies by, especially now that I have less than 250 stitches on my needles!



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