18 Jan

I wrote this whole post about how I have issues when it comes to sock knitting, and then my computer ate it, which I can now add to my list of issues.

Anyway, I have issues, and lets outline them now.

1) My computer ate this post once. I am mad. That is an issue.

2) I have a great fear of running out of sock yarn with just the toe of one sock left to do. Because that would really stink! What are your options there? Rip out both and reknit the whole pair? No thank you! Put a contrasting toe on just one sock and swear to never wear them without shoes in public? Nope! I counter-act this issue when it arises by knitting a sock toe up, here using the PGR short row toe-up method, which I seem to have fallen in love with.

3) You know how when you do a crochet chain for a provisional cast on and then unzip it to pick up the stitches? Yeah, I’ve never really been able to get that to work until Wednesday. Apparently I’ve just been doing it wrong for years. Wow, that’s lame. Years, people, years.

4) I don’t really like purling. Well, I’m okay with the stitch itself, but my purls are soooo much larger than my knits. And that stinks because it means I often have loose floppy ribbing and drastic gauge changes. I really want to knit the Retro Rib socks (that’s a good pic), but they have a lot of purling, and with this yarn on my regular sock needles it was all gapey and not cool. So I’ve had to do something I’ve been dreading for awhile now. Knit on size 00s. That fear should be issue #5.

It looks beautiful, but I think the sole may wind up being bullet proof.



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